Average bed bug heat treatment costs in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

All you should know about considering amount of infestation in Richmond Hill

Bed bugs or red coats, chinches, or mahogany flats, Cimex lectularius Linnaeus, are blood-feeding parasites of humans, chickens, bats and occasionally domesticated animals, they prefer to stay in dark warm area of the house like beds, closets, inside the drywalls.

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How much does bed bug treatment cost in Richmond Hill

Bed bug treatment costs explained:
Costs for our bed bugs treatment options in Richmond Hill, Canada range from approximately CAD320 (for 2 rooms of dry clean treatment, the least effective option) to CAD2,300 (for 2 bedrooms apartment with heat treatment, our recommended option). Not all the treatments are 100% guaranteed, so you should hire a well know company to get rid of bed bugs; Also, there are bed bug companies offering a 2-week follow up inspection with 3 months warranty.

We are providing bed bug treatment in Richmond Hill and using top-of-the-line methods and technology to safely your home or commercial places bug free in one day..

What is the most effective bed bug treatment?

If you are living in Richmond Hill, because of the weather, bed bug heat treatment is recommended by most of the bed bug companies. As the stats shows, it is the most convenient and effective treatment, the second most effective treatment, is Aprehend® and the third is chemical treatment and dry cleaning (vacuuming and steaming). Unlike pesticide or chemical treatments, thermal treatment gets into all areas of rooms, kitchen, basement as well as bathrooms. It is also able to eliminate all bed bugs’ eggs (which is something chemical treatment can not reach the area and will not remove them).


There are many different factors to consider, including price, period of operation, quality of work, labour and even the area you live in. The fact that geographic location is a factor may be surprising to you (or not), but costs are probably higher in Huntsville, Ontario than they are in Leduc, Alberta.

How to be prepared for bed bug heat treatment in Richmond Hill

  1. Thorough the whole property inspection.
  2. Preparation before the heat treatment starts.
  3. Set up the heaters and fans.
  4. Vacuum the infested areas to remove all bed bugs and eggs.
  5. Rise the temperature up to 140F and keep it for at least 5 hours.
  6. Monitoring the temperature every 30 mins.

chemical vs heat treatment preparation

What items should be removed on Bed bug heat treatment?

The following need to be removed prior to bed bugs heat treatment:

  • Loose paper & clutter subject to air movement & trash of any kind
  • Pets, including aquariums containing fish or reptiles
  • Household plants
  • Musical Instruments, vinyl records
  • Vinyl horizontal and vertical blinds
  • Lighters, firearms, and other combustible items
  • Pressurized cylinders, oxygen tanks and cylinders, aerosol cans, paints, and flammable chemicals. Some common heat-sensitive chemicals include but are not limited to kerosene, propane, gasoline, etc.
  • Oil paintings or other art, heirlooms, and items considered irreplaceable

Will heat treatment for bed bugs damage the property?

Most people use either an electric or gas heater for DIY bed bugs control solutions. Online recommendations advise DIYers to heat rooms up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. However, placing heaters too close to wooden furniture, curtains, clothes, paper or other items can cause fires.

One of the worst things that can happen with a DIY heat treatment for bed bugs is a serious fire in your room. If the fire isn’t confined to your bedroom, it can even result in significant damage to the rest of your home. By trying to solve one problem, you have created another (and may have thousands of dollars of damage) by trying to get rid of bed bugs on your own.

The heat treatment professionals in Richmond Hill have experience with the worst bed bug problems. From a home-wide infestation, they will take care of it without damaging or burning any furniture or valuables. Bed bugs will not go away by themselves, and it’s really not worth the time or the risk to try to treat the issue yourself.

So, to recap, doing “Do it Yourself” heat treatment is dangerous, on the other hand, it’s totally safe if bed bug professionals with the proper equipment do it for you.

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kill bed bugs Preparation

In heat treatment bed bug preparation, you should leave everything in the room, this method kills all the bed bugs and eggs, if you are using chemical treatment, then you need to take everything to laundry and remove all the stuff from ground.

how much is bed bug treatment and what is the cheapest method?

Affordable Vacuum & Steam Bed Bugs Treatment is the cheapest treatment in Richmond Hill, Canada.
In this process, the bed bug exterminators will vacuum the mattress, box spring, cracks, and crevices with a commercial vacuum to get most of the bed bugs removed, including cast skins, nymphs, and eggs.


Bed Bug Heat Treatment Is Safe For Your Property?

According to Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, Using heat-based treatment to kill bed bugs is a years-old, tried and tested technique and the most effective method for that purpose and it should be done by bed bus professionals. In fact, it’s a lot safer, more effective, and promising than conventional chemical-based pesticides that do more harm to you and your home than any good.

Here are a few things about your home’s safety you should know with regards to bed bug treatments:

Your bed bug specialist will inform you about all the precautions you must take before the heat treatment takes place in your home. Here’s some good news: All of your house’s structures and belongings will remain safe. The heat treatment will not harm or melt anything in your house. However, bed bug specialist may ask you to cover some items or seal some stuff using plastic bags. If they deem some object vulnerable, they’ll simply instruct you to move them out of the house or to a suitable spot within the house. The only thing you must do before the bed bug heat treatment leaves the house and take your pets along because the heat would is only likely to harm you and your four-legged buddies. A small exception: If you possess fish tanks, relocate them. As long as you always seek this treatment from a certified bed bug company like Thermokill and don’t rely on a DIY heat hack to kill bugs, you and your home should remain safe and sound.

Calculating the Cost per room Heat treatment

The average treatment cost per room in Canada is CAD600. This varies widely based on your style, size of kitchen, number of rooms and geographic area (you definitely won’t have the same costs in Leduc, Alberta, or North York, Ontario. You should also take into account if you are buying items outside of Canada. For example, if the chemical want is made in the United States, you’ll need to take into consideration the exchange rate (CAD to USD).

Budget Tip

The steam vapor system will allow bed bug specialist to provide bed bug removal process with deeper penetration. The high temperatures of the vapor will destroy any eggs that have been deposited into the carpet edges, box spring, and mattress in an efficient manner. Another tip would be NOT trying the chemical materials available in Amazon, they just cost you money and time, if a few bed bug survive from your chemical treatment, it is enough for them to get back to colony and bite you.

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Cost of Vacuum & Steam Bed Bugs Treatment

The vacuum & steam bed bug treatment price starts from CAD250 for one bedroom apartment, to get a quote for your treatment, please fill out our the form below.

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Offering commercial cleaning services in Richmond Hill after a bed bug removal is crucial to ensuring the complete eradication of the infestation and providing a safe, healthy environment for employees and customers. Bed bugs are notorious for being difficult to eliminate, and their presence can harm a business’s reputation and bottom line. By offering comprehensive cleaning services, businesses can show their dedication to their clients’ well-being and demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a clean and healthy workspace. A thorough cleaning after bed bug removal includes vacuuming, steaming, and disinfecting all surfaces, carpets, and furniture to eliminate any remaining bed bug eggs or debris. This will not only help prevent future infestations but also provide peace of mind to those who use the space.

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