Thermokill an Alternative to Addison Pest Control

Addison Pest Control using bed bug powder treatment they employ utilizes a special power duster device which injects powder into the walls through the electrical outlets and other cracks and holes. This will kill any bugs hiding within the walls and also creates a protective barrier between one room and the next.

Thermokill company an Alternative to Addison Pest Control that can use conventional bed bug treatment in Toronto bed bug control.

Their conventional treatment method can eradicate a bed bug infestation, by timing our services to coincide with bed bug life cycles. The conventional treatment method utilizes conventional tools that are designed to remediate infestations. Their Conventional bed bug treatment consists of:

Vacuum Treatment: Assured uses high-powered filtration vacuum to target bed bug infested areas and remove the bed bugs quickly and effectively
Steam Treatment: We apply a low humidity steam treatment in areas that are not accessible by our vacuums.
Chemical Treatment: Using certified insecticides that are deadly to bed bugs but 100% safe for humans and pets, exterminators treat all infected areas of the home.

Toronto bed bug company offers a variety of services in Toronto and the GTA.

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