Thermokill an Alternative to Pest Solution Services

At Pest Solution Services useing of blue-light torch with an orange filter, helping to discover and observe physical evidence of infestations. Another approach is the use of CO2 and heat to stimulate bed bug activity – taking them out of hiding by simulating a resting body with the CO2 and heat.

Thermokill company an Alternative to Pest Solution Services that offers same-day inspection and using of heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs. You will not need to dispose any sheets, drapery, pillows, or furniture. Nor does heat treatment ruin any fabrics or materials.

We typically exterminate bed bugs in one visit, whereas chemical treatment requires multiple visits. Our heat treatment method eliminates bed bug eggs.

Thermokill is one of the top Toronto bed bug companies in pest control and bed bugs heat treatment.

There is little preparation that you need to do for heat treatment. Chemical treatment requires you to dispose and wash certain belongings, we don’t require you to do that.

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