Thermokill Company vs. Pest Solution Services

Pest Solution Services is a dedicated business which aims to educate and provide solutions for pest problems and exterminate bed bugs in your home. With more than 10 years of operation you can trust well-established, Toronto-based business.

You can check out the Contact Pest Solution Services website here:

But Thermokill one of the best Toronto bed bug companies that more than 20 years, combined experience in pest control and bed bugs treatment. We use the best commercial grade heat treatment equipment. All our technicians are experienced, hand-pick and mentored to provide you the best quality of services.

A large bed sits next to a double door leading out to a small balcony overlooking a sandy seascape. The wall is a blue gray color, and the doors and windows are white. The curtains are see through with fringe orange and blue patterning. On the ceiling is an interesting chandelier of white overlapping cups, creating a flower effect. On the wall above the bed hangs two photos of back, black bicycle tires, blue tire guards, and red, oval reflectors. Below, on the bed, sits two long white pillows, two pillows matching the drapery, and three pillows matching the white, light blue, and tan bed spread. On the four leaf clover, sandy white end tables sits a yellow lamp with a twist in its neck and a white lamp shade. Three books of various sizes and colors are on the end table in shot. The floor is a brown carpet.

We have 100 of clients around Ontario, who trust us, referred us, partner with Thermokill bed bug company in helping them and remove bed bugs, mold, and pests. We are providing Toronto bed bug removal services in Toronto all areas of the GTA

Our two co-founders are passionate and experienced and working with bed bugs.

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