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Have you spent lots of money on unreliable bed bug companies and repeatedly faced the bed bugs issue at your business? Let us handle the commercial bed bug extermination because we are the bed bug experts. Heat Solution has been working with a lot of businesses in Toronto and have successfully and reliably exterminated bed bugs commercially. We have helped many Canadian clinics, hosting services, moving companies, and facilities with commercial bed bug removal.

As lovely and awaited as the summer season is in Toronto, there comes a vast discomfort and threat with the warm and humid weather as well. The infestation of bed bugs is prevalent during Canadian summers when most travel is scheduled. If your business is client-facing, there is a high chance of you finding these little blood-sucking monsters at your workplace. Especially in hosting businesses like retirement houses, clinics, motels and hotels, the bed bug infestation can be extreme, because they spread like wildfire!

Suppose you are running a business and facing an issue like bed bugs. Trust us when we say that we know what we are doing. Commercial bed bug removal via home remedies and other methods like chemicals, dogs, or vacuuming is impractical, as you will never be able to achieve 100% results with such processes. However, the multiplication of the bed bugs is so quick that your customers or guests could end up with rashes, and then you would regret not coming to us in the first place as you may end up tarnishing your business’ reputation in Toronto.

Our commercial bed bugs removal method involves heat treatment that guarantees 100% bed bugs removal in a very safe way. You don’t need to close your business for more than a few hours. Call our customer service team for more information about the process. Many bed bug companies use harmful insecticides to get rid of bed bugs at workplaces. Our commercial bed bug heat treatment Toronto is chemical-free, and our team of pest control professionals helps you and instructs you how to prepare the infected areas.

The most crucial part of getting rid of commercial bed bugs is that you must get rid of the eggs. As such, we check reception areas, beds in medical clinics, inside vehicles for moving companies, beds and mattresses in hospital rooms and furniture in the common areas. We provide commercial bed bug control where all the eggs are exterminated so that bed bugs can never reappear at your place of business.

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